The Good Sub

The good sub does more than just obey commands and expect orgasms. The good sub delights in her master using her body, whether to give her pleasure or pain. The good sub is a pet, certainly, to be cared for, but a toy, also, to be played with. Electra Rayne is a good sub. And O.T. is going to spend the day showing her how she can be even better.


Marica Hase is a pretty, young thing, a hot Asian moaner that we love seeing in metal bondage. Actually, to tell the truth we like seeing her in anything but clothes. That’s why we stripped her ass naked and locked her down as quickly as possible. There are a few great ways to turn a submissive slut like Marica into a cum drunk puddle of flesh, and we will try them all.

Cable Couture

O.T. is like a high level fashion designer of the BDSM world. Sierra Cirque is his model and she is going to display the newest line in bondage for him. Steel cable is going to have all the tops and bottoms talking. Lacking the soft warmth of rope, cable binds without comfort, holding tightly and digging into the skin whenever an unruly submissive gets it into her mind to try to struggle too much.

Riled Up

What’s got Rylie Kay riled up? Mostly the intense tit torture that she is going to have to endure today. She has a nice pair on her: the perfect size to bind, sensitive enough to torment, and so much fun to play with. Really, that could be the description of Rylie herself. The perfect size, easy to fuck with, and oh, so much fun. We even have a new wire cage to keep her tits on display.

Conjugal Visit

Conjugal visits are rare in the U.S. but PD does not run the average prison. He keeps only one or two inmates at a time and for one as hot as Charlotte Vale he is definitely going to take advantage of her. Languishing in metal bondage is the easiest part of serving out her sentence. PD believes good training is key to reforming prisoners, and that means turning Charlotte into an obedient slave.

Slut Delivery

OT knows which places in the neighborhood have the hottest delivery girls. You know, just so he can have some eye candy when his meals come. But Kleio Valentien shows up, a piece of meat carrying a piece of meat, and she doesn’t just drop her bag off and leave. The interest she shows to the device in the center of the room doesn’t go unnoticed, and neither does her smoking hot body.

Worthless Cunt Part 2

Marina finds herself chained to the floor of PDs play room, blinded by a hood and barely able to wriggle, let alone escape. She can struggle all she wants, but there is no getting away. Her ass hole is exposed, perfectly framed by the metal device clamped around her waist. There’s a dildo we call Mr. Pogo ready and waiting to get in there and show her a good time.

Resistance is Futile

Resistance is futile. Elizabeth Thorn knows. She has it tattooed over her pussy. We know that there is no way in hell she is getting free from her bondage before we’re done with her, but it’s more fun for us if she struggles a bit. Bondage is just fine when the girl is passive and does as she’s told, but there is something just a little more exciting about a woman who will try to pull herself free.


Sublime (verb) – to elevate to a high degree of purity or excellence. Piper Rage has come to OT for just this. She knows she needs training, but she wants, so badly, to be the perfect slave. She has the body for it, nice tits, a round ass, tight holes, but her attitude needs adjusting and her skills could use some improvement. Well, we’re going to raise her up to be our pure, excellent slave.


There is no reason for us to spend time gushing about Syren De Mer. This is a woman that we can treat to the most sadistic and elaborate ideas our perverted minds can come up with. Syren spent a good portion of her life being good. When she finally broke free and started exploring her sexuality she found out that the darkest corners of it were her favorite.

Timid Tits

If variety is the spice of life it is definitely the best of bondage. Who wants to see the same old positions and the same old girls? We’ve got Audrey Noir. She’s a hot piece of ass that we found practically begging for an intense BDSM experience. So no simple hog tie is going to do. We are going to have to take our devices and get really creative. We just hope she can handle it all.


The day of reckoning is at hand. Ashley Lane is going to face the most difficult trial of her career. This hot piece of ass is coveted by men around the world. That hot body is soon going to be writhing in pleasure-pain. Her beautiful face will soon be twisting as she screams from each successive orgasm. There is no place to go, though. She is spread out, locked down, and completely exposed.


London River has made her decisions. She prefers damn near anything to the experience of being tickled. And so she will have damn near everything. All she has to do to make the torment stop is ask OT to tickle her. He could do it without her permission, but it’s so much more fun to work her over with the threat of it hanging in the air. As long as it is there she will take whatever else he wants.

Worthless Cunt Part 1

Marina asked for it. PD wants to give it to her. She needs the harshest physical and verbal treatments to get off. She wears a short dress and a pair of high heels to inspire her tormentor. The body beneath is the true inspiration, though. Marina is hot enough that every man that sees her knows they want to use her. PD’s uses just happen to be more insidious than most.

Real Time Bondage